5 reasons to choose J.A. Beira


J.A. Beira is a company that operates in the business-to-business market and is dedicated to the production, finishing and marketing of natural,  capsulated and built-in stoppers.

 J.A. Beira office and cork stopper factory in Vilar do Paraíso, Vila Nova de Gaia

In this article, we will outline the 5 main reasons why you should choose us as your company’s cork stoppers supplier.


  1. Know-how acquired over extensive experience in the market
  2. Constant investment in technologies for the production process
  3. Customized solutions for your company’s needs
  4. Thorough quality control
  5. Continuous monitoring

1. Acquired know-how through wide experience in the market

J.A. Beira has been in the national market for cork stoppers since 1979. Since our foundation, we have stood out as one of the main suppliers for producers and bottlers of still wines, port wine, whiskeys, cognacs, liqueurs and brandies.

Currently, J.A. Beira maintains a significant volume of business, taking into account its needs, in order to identify opportunities for improvement and monitor the evolution of the markets through the respective solutions.

The experience we have acquired over more than 40 years has enabled us to obtain decisive know-how for the production of quality cork stoppers. So, in 2012, we created the Premium Series, a range aimed at luxury products.

The value proposition of this range consists of the development of personalized products and the use of noble materials, such as wood or metal, adding value to your final product. The entire collage process is carried out piece by piece, which is why it is handcrafted, exclusive and 100% personalized.

 Tray with several premium natural cork stoppers used for the J.A. Beira Premium Series

2. Ongoing investment in technologies for the production process

One of our core values is innovation. Therefore, we continually invest in cutting-edge technological equipment to make our performance as efficient as possible. In addition, we invest in the training of our employees so that they are aware of the best practices in the market, in terms of their specific role.

 J.A. Beira employee handling Escolha 3D technological equipment

Check out 3 examples of technological equipment at the level of production that we have acquired in recent years:

Super Clean Plus

The acquisition of Super Clean Plus equipment, a disinfection process, responds to the growing needs of the market, from a sensory point of view. Another reason that led us to purchase this equipment was the growing need, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure the disinfection and sterilization of all products.

 Bags of premium natural corks stacked inside Super Clean Plus equipment

3D Choice

J.A. Beira decided to invest in 3D Choice equipment, not with the aim of making the final choice for the customer, but to make a pre-choice. All cork stoppers go through this process and the final selection of hand mats is made, guaranteeing the highest quality for all our customers.

Inside of J.A. Beira's 3D equipment of choice in operation

Automatic Gluing

We invested in new automatic gluing equipment as a result of the growing need for gluing non-standard stoppers. This allows us to respond more quickly to your company’s requests and needs, making us more flexible and efficient and improving your experience with us.

J.A. Beira employees handling the automatic gluing machine

3. Tailored solutions to the needs of your company

Ongoing investment in production technology and the know-how we have acquired through experience allow us to offer you a greater degree of customisation. This way, we make your experience unique, pleasant and tailored to the specific needs of your company. We intend to position ourselves as a reference company when it comes to personalized solutions in the area of embedded and capsulated cork stoppers.

If you are looking for a familiar business in the technical and natural cork stoppers market capable of responding to your demands and needs, J.A. Beira is the right choice.

J.A. Beira's CEO using a laptop to provide customized proposals to clients

4. Meticulous quality control

Throughout the production process, the Quality Control Department carries out tests in order to ensure the conformity of the products in production and at the end, in accordance with internal and customer specifications.

To do this, we carry out various tests, including dimensional analysis, which consists of analyzing the length and diameter dimensions of the stopper (in capsulated stoppers, the total length and the length of the exposed is also verified).

Sensory analysis is also carried out, which aims to identify potential sensory deviations in cork stoppers, as the corks we produce cannot have sensory interferences that influence the quality of their final product.

In addition to these, we also control the levels of TCA (2,4,6-Trichloroanisole), by sampling, through the maceration of stoppers in a simulant which is standardized according to the standard and we determine whether this sample contains extractable TCA.

When we talk about the Premium Series ®, there are additional detailed analyses that we carry out, in order to guarantee the excellence, from a quality point of view, of the products resulting from this exclusive process.
The result of this work and the joint effort of all our employees is the various quality certifications that we have been obtaining over time.

J.A. Beira Quality Department employee performing the TCA control test in the laboratory

5. Continuous support

We believe that building long-lasting relationships, based on trust and communication, is the key to a successful and long-term partnership. Therefore, you can expect a close and personalized follow-up of your requests.

More than commercial relationships, we aim to establish successful and learning partnerships.

Do you intend to develop any project regarding premium cork stoppers and capsulated stoppers? Contact us!

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